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Take it to the Beach!

Thank Goodness for Poisonous Snails


(Devilly Peen Murder Mystery #2)


" . . . funny but thought-provoking, short but satisfying, and delightfully unique. If you like cozy mysteries, octopuses, sci-fi, or just a quick read you will love Thank Goodness For Poisonous Snails!" 

- Maia Keeley (Reedsy Discovery)


Just published!

Dining with Humboldt Squid


(Devilly Peen Murder Mystery #3)


What begins as a pleasant bird-watching weekend turns into a twisted tale of murder on an isolated raft of plastic waste . . . in seas swarming with voracious squid.


Watch out for this "octopunk" novella where even high-tech octopods have to solve crime the old fashioned way.


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