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The Leda: the geological obsession of Dr. Argile
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ISBN: 979-8697480748 (Amazon edition)

ASIN: B08L1TJPQP (Ebook)

ISBN: 978-1-7774547-0-8 (Ingram edition)

A predatory pastor, a harassed mayor and a biker gang meet in a small town living on borrowed time. After a wet winter, landslides were bound to happen.


"Rejean's parents died under the wall of the house, collapsed beneath the weight of the moving earth. Rescuers found him conscious and lying on his back, a pinned insect on a bed of liquefied clay. Outlined against the faint glow of the sky, the stars watched him like the eyes of countless spiders. The black maw of the slide seemed to wait for his slightest movement, its mud tongue preparing one last swallow to engulf him."


The Leda Clay is a "quick clay"  given to landslides. Dr. Argile's obsession is scientific: to understand how the clay transforms from seemingly hard rock into liquid mud, and to prevent the havoc it can cause to lives and property.  Good luck with that:  all are about to fall under the malign influence of the Leda.

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The Blackwater Sailing Club


Now published on demand from IngramSpark,, .com and 

ISBN: 978-1-7774547-1-5

The flooding behind the new Blackwater Dam in 1927 in West Quebec, Canada displaced a population of immigrant Irish farmers, and created the Blackwater reservoir..  The same year Michael Collins, leader of the Irish Free State was assassinated. This fiction follows the rumor of his murder across the ocean to the Irish diaspora, as the waters rose to cover crimes which would not be discovered for three generations. In the meantime, the Blackwater Sailing Club, on its island in the Blackwater Reservoir, weathers the vicissitudes of revolution and the establishment of the Republic of Quebec. The story is only mildly dystopic, has plenty of paranoia, sexual tension and sudden death. Hope you enjoy!

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"Compelling narrative. Writing is imaginative, effective and clear"

- Whistler Independent Book Awards

The Gyre

The Gyre

The Great Pacific Gyre is a giant swirl of plastic waste in the western Pacific Ocean. In this fictional future, the Gyre is colonized by a species of alien Octopod who find the habitat ideal. Devilly Peen, writer of crime fiction and a third generation Octopod, investigates a series of brutal murders at the request of her friend Octabel Clamshucker. Readers might be surprised to find that Miss Peen, a mollusc, bears a resemblance to Miss Marple of detecting fame.  

Loved it! 


"Did you ever want Ms. Marple to have sci-fi twist? If so, this is the perfect book for you! Imaginative and clever, I couldn’t put it down." - Maia Keeley, Reedsy Discovery


ISBN: 978-1-7774547-4-6 (Paperback)


When writer’s block finally ties Devilly in knots, our eight-tentacled author and amateur sleuth decides her muse needs feeding and is persuaded to holiday at an all-inclusive resort. Murder, however, is on the menu at Ripples and Devilly is soon drawn into solving a gruesome death. This time, she will need all the contents of her poison sack to defeat a psychopathic octopod.

Immerse yourself in a murder mystery set in the garbage of the mid-Pacific where octopods have built an advanced civilization from the swirl of plastic bottles. Meet Devilly Peen, amateur detective, as she flexes her eight tentacles to solve the case.

Thank Goodness for Poisonous Snails

Poisonous Snails
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