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I am a Canadian author based in the Laurentian Hills of Quebec.

I write fiction which combines natural landscapes, mystery, science fiction and mild dystopia. My first two novels are based in the Gatineau Valley in western Quebec (Canada) and weave in local politics and history. Serious stuff!


Now for something quirky and mischievous. My Deviily Peen murder mysteries is a series of novellas, starting with The Gyre - an experiment in detective fiction and plastic contamination of the oceans. The second in this series is called Thank Goodness for Poisonous Snails, inspired by sorting through my boyhood collection of sea shells.


I keep fit by lake swimming and skiing, and mentally by watching insects and communing with rocks. I draw inspiration from the spaces and colours in which we are immersed; the ancient landscapes and their roots in deep time.

E.K. Wicher is a pen name. You can call me "Ek".

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